Build a brand for your company using a specific color scheme and a professional logo designed with your business in mind. Keep it simple and memorable and use it everywhere.

Dreams and dedication are powerful combination.

Matt Mullenweg, 2017

For an entrepreneur or small business, finding those first customers will be difficult. Take advantage of those with expertise in your field that may help you create business. Join trade associations and local organizations. Get involved with networking groups or the local chamber of commerce. Meeting other business owners at the monthly meetings and sharing ideas are worth the low membership fees.

Identify your Market

The marketing portion of your business plan is one of the most important parts of your overall business strategy. Successful marketing methods will turn a customer's needs into a desire for your product or service. Be careful, though. If people are not interested and the turnout is minimal, you'll be marketing against yourself.


Market research is the first step in developing a marketing plan. Determine who your target customers are.

  • the age, lifestyle and income levels of your prospective customers will have a direct affect on where you spend your advertising dollars.
  • copy and paste links for embeds.
  • write shortcodes for specialized assets of different plugins.
  • create featured images to be added at the top of a post or page.
  • add widgets for content on the side of a page.

Consider a block as the most basic (therefore, smallest) unit of the new editor. Because you can drag and drop each block, identifying these items and placing them on the page becomes a lot easier.

Only a quarter of young adults are financially literate. You don’t want to overwhelm them.

William Longgood

They will be the building blocks of WordPress 5.0. In other words, everything—including content, images, quotes, galleries, cover images, audio, video, headings, embeds, custom codes, paragraphs, separators and buttons will turn into distinct blocks.

Besides just having the standard blockquote which we have been using for years, they also have a new pull quote. And yes, pull quotes are different.


Gutenberg was developed on GitHub using the WordPress REST API, JavaScript, and React.


We recommend migrating features to blocks, but support for existing WordPress functionality remains. There will be transition paths.


ID Name Last Name Profession
1 Kazumi Mishima Designer
2 Sergei Dragounov Developer
3 Jozie Rizal Support


What are your customers looking for? Check trade magazines for statistics and buying trends. Visit your library for local records, published surveys and reports pertaining to your business market. A neighborhood retail business will market differently than one with an international clientele. Known your target demographic and focus on marketing to them.


For example, a new real estate office looking for home sellers can benefit by sharing information with electricians, plumbers and landscapers. Get together with other businesses that share common customers without direct competition. Referrals are an excellent way to get your business started. Setting up a website is affordable and a must for any size business. Many web hosting companies have great support teams that can help even the most computer illiterate business owner set up an effective site. Getting social is useful, too.

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